Audio stories for a museum

For those who don’t know: the KMM is one of the largest sound machine museums in Switzerland and there you can marvel at the entire range of mechanical musical instruments and sound machines. For some, a visit to the KMM is a nostalgia tour, for others it’s a voyage of discovery of mechanical marvels – from giant annual market organs to self-playing pianos, it’s all here.

New at the KMM is now a children’s corner with adapted vintage telephones that tell exciting audio stories about musical machines – and a few of these stories come from my pen! I tell about a robot bird, let a ghost hunter investigate a haunted piano and reveal that music can also taste like chocolate.

Well? Do you want to know more? Then head to Zurich and pay the KMM a visit! And I would be happy to hear how you liked my audio stories.

Animation Shorts online

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

Two animation shorts I wrote about the K-Team were recently released online. I almost missed it, since the shorts got released in Russian. Even though I wrote the scripts in English.

Unfortunately they didn’t put any credits at the end of the shorts. Since it was a commissioned work with a big brand name attached, it’s not common to post the credits at the end.

Here is the Russian version to watch. If you are interested in the the English version, you can find both shorts under “Projects”.

Bedtime Stories App

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

Very happy to announce that me and my writing will be a bedtime story soon via the new app “Bedtime Stories – read & tell” by Little Lights Studio!

It’s a new storyteller app for parents and official launch date is Friday, Oct. 27th 2017. So mark your calendars!

I will let you know when my story world will go online through bedtime stories soon. Meanwhile you can read more about it here