Crime Series here I come…

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Very excited to tell you, that I was hired to write the pilot episode for a new crime series! A new genre for me to conquer and I dare say: I think I might make an excellent detective. Or criminal. 😉

For this I spend a lot of time on research. Research on police work, criminal reports, all kinds of different deaths and murder weapons and really everything you can imagine connected to people in general lol. Ah, and the joy of watching a lot of different crime series already out there…

Stay tuned for more news. Crime Series here I come!

Animation Shorts online

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

Two animation shorts I wrote about the K-Team were recently released online. I almost missed it, since the shorts got released in Russian. Even though I wrote the scripts in English.

Unfortunately they didn’t put any credits at the end of the shorts. Since it was a commissioned work with a big brand name attached, it’s not common to post the credits at the end.

Here is the Russian version to watch. If you are interested in the the English version, you can find both shorts under “Projects”.