KMM – Audio Stories

For the KMM, one of the largest sound machine museums in Switzerland, I packed interesting facts about mechanical music automatons into short, exciting audio stories for children. These can now be listened to on adapted vintage telephones when touring the museum. I tell a story about a bird robot, let a ghost hunter investigate a haunted piano and reveal that music can also taste like chocolate.

Currently, four of my audio stories can be heard at the KMM.

Sigi – Pursuit of a Passion

15 years of SG SNOWBOARDS! To celebrate this occasion we brought a piece of SG history to paper. In form of a manga.

Read the story of Sigi Grabner’s first time on the thing called a “snowboard”. A magic moment that produced a passion of a life time. Inspired by true events!

I was responsible for the manga script and Sarah Foller for the illustrations. More episodes will follow.

Dr. Brille

“Dr. Brille is worried. His patients are telling him about something strange called “the sky”. It’s clearly something that cannot exist, as he himself has never seen it. So in order to heal the eyes of his patients, he prescribes them all glasses to make them see, that the sky does not exist. But with the help of the kids in the audience, Dr. Brille will discover something quite surprising…”

“Dr. Brille” is a children’s story of mine, which I adapted for the stage.

The stage play celebrated its world premiere in April 2013, in collaboration with the troupe Frischluft.