Gustave and the Music Maschines

This short museum film uses unique archival footage (ca.1900-1930), charming humorous animation, photographic footage of the music machines from the KMM, and original sound machine music to tell entertaining and informative stories about the places, people, and peculiarities of these special music machines to the museum visitors.

You can see this short movie only at the KMM in Zurich.

Magic Animals

“There is a secret sanctuary in the clouds that is the home of the Magic Animals. Their mission is to watch over nature and animals, to help children around the world to protect their environment.”

For this new web series, I wrote all the episodes for season one. This web series was commissioned by Ferrero, and I was excited to be part of a project that dealt with environment issues and asked for solutions.

And as you can see in the trailer, the episodes look great!

Papa rockt

My first feature film script received the script development funding from the Austrian Film Institute in 2019! Together with my producer, Karin C. Berger, I am currently working on the screenplay.

Small time Viennese criminal Georg suddenly finds himself a single-dad of a 6 year-old son. Time to quit his life of petty crime and go into hiding. But his new low-key life in a small Tyrolean village is disrupted when his son suddenly decides to wear girls’ dresses, causing the whole village to bully the little boy. It’s time for a father to protect and support his son – by squeezing himself into a dress, as well. An act of love that ends up drawing way more attention than planned…

Monsieur Raf

Monsieur Raf, the toy giraffe from the animation short Pepita & Max, is being turned into an app!

The app will allow children to explore the wondrous world of Swiss traditions through animated shorts, documentary clips, games, and stories – all together with Monsieur Raf.

I wrote four new animated stories about the Swiss sport of hornussen, cutout art, wild herbs and chestnuts, which will all be available to be viewed in the app.


Red Bull Edge

“A special carving event. A course consisting of limbo gates, banked turns and tight carving turns welcomes hard- and softboot riders to put their boards on the edge. Snowboarding world champion and Red Bull Edge mastermind Siegfried “Sigi” Grabner has designed a course which gives you the chance to show off your carving skills.”

I am in charge of conceptualizing and editing the teaser clips for this new, international snowboarding event. You can find more clips on the SG Snowboards’ Youtube- and Vimeo-Channel.

SG Snowboard Camps

Each year, snowboarder legend Sigi Grabner gathers together some of the world’s best snowboarding athletes to help coach amateurs on how to make the perfect carving turn. It’s all about having fun, meeting new friends and sharing the passion for snowboarding.

As the editor, I make sure that all these clips deliver SG Snowboards’ spirit and message.

Pepita & Max

A wonderful animation project about the Swiss tradition of the alpine blessing.

The goal for this short film was to make Swiss traditions more accessible to children through animation. I was approached by the directors with the request to write a story for Pepita and Max that would introduce the alpine blessing in an organic and new way and would show and motivate children how to integrate the alpine blessing into their daily lives.

The short film was also broadcasted on Swiss TV SRF1.

Moore Women Artists Film Festival: Women in Animation, 2017
Cebu International Film Festival (ciff) 2017
FAMILY FEEDBACK Film Festival, Toronto 2017 / Winner Best Sound Design
Blue Plum Animation Festival, Tennessee 2017
KUKI, International Short film Festival for Children and Youth Berlin, 2017
10th CMS International Children’s Film Festival, Lucknow, India, 2018
Children’s Film Festival Seattle 2019, Beyond the rainbow (Shorts Program)
REDCAT International Children’s Film Festival, Los Angeles 2019

Mission Africa

These two commissioned animated shorts were part of my first collaboration with Little Lights Studio in Vienna. Working with them was a great experience, and I learned a lot about the animation processes and work flow of animated films.

The shorts were made for the brand Ferrero, for their Infinimix toy series and was released online.

Enjoy the impressive quality of this project!

Silent Tuning with Sigi Grabner

I developed the concept for SG Snowboards and am also in charge for the shooting of each episode.

For this online tutorial series, we emphasized clear images and simple step-by-step text instructions in order to make sure everything was easy for viewers to follow along. I’d like to think that we were successful, but see for yourself!

Lilly the Witch

“Lilly and her best friend, Hector the Dragon, jump through time and space thanks to a magic book and experience all kinds of exciting adventures.”

For the relaunch of the beloved animation series in 2014, I was part of the writing team that wrote the screenplays for season 3.

The episodes “Lilly and the Dragon Island” and “Lilly and the Pharao’s Curse” from season 3 were written by me.

The episodes were also published by Random House Hörverlag as an audio book.