“Climate journalist Clara and flappy-mouthed hero Waldmar run the “Klimakrach” channel. Here they cover topics relating to environmental protection and sustainability. But the two don’t always agree with each other. Who is right and who is totally wrong, or are the causes of scientific phenomena a little more complex at the end of the day? Fortunately, they can also count on the support of the interactive children’s community. In addition, the graphic information, the clever database and the fact-oriented communication with experts help to clear up any misunderstandings and cross-thoughts.”

I was the story consultant for all the episodes of season 1.


“Detective Flo Kienzl, with the help of his foster brother and ex-con Eddi Notsch, tries to bring down corrupt pig farmer and mayoral candidate Benny Jagschitz, who not only has pigs in the barn, but skeletons in the closet and the Russian mafia in the hot tub.”

It was fun to be a script consultant for Andreas Schmied’s new crime comedy.


“Chris trains with a special police unit, a daily life of action and peer pressure. When he shoots a mentally ill man on duty, allegedly in self-defense, his colleagues celebrate him as a hero, but the outside world reacts with criticism. Soon after, traumatic symptoms begin to surface and Chris does everything to hide it in order to fulfill his dream of becoming an elite cop.”

I was hired by Golden Girls Film as a story consultant for the screenplay of COPS.

The Migrumpies

“For a TV documentary, the two unemployed friends Benny and Marko pretend to be petty criminals with immigrant background until the coin flips and reality turns against them.”

I was part of the story consultant team of this award-winning, summer hit comedy.

Fox in a Hole

“When the ambitious Fuchs starts his new job to take over the place of the old, headstrong and unconventional prison teacher Berger, he discovers not only his own creativity but learns also to build a connection to the close-mouthed inmate Samira.”

I was a script consultant for director and screenwriter Arman T. Riahi’s follow up film “Fox in a Hole”.

Where No One Knows Us

“The Chechen refugee kids Oskar and Lilli, are about to be deported along with their mother. When their mother attempts suicide it results in the short-term suspension of the deportation – but also in the forced separation of the family. The children’s hope that they will be reunited with their mother is nourished by their love for each other and challenges all bureaucratic obstacles with passion and poetry.”

I was hired as a story consultant for director Arash T. Riahi’s upcoming film.

Rocket for Two

“In order to win the love of his life back, a young man plots to steal an old rocket from a technical museum with the help of a men’s self-help group.”

I was hired as a story consultant by Dor Film while the script was being written.

The Locket and the Sea

During my time at Vancouver Film School, I had the opportunity to collaborate with students from the animation department. It was a fun experience and made me fall in love with animation even more.

“ Working with Julia was a great help for me and the development of the story of my film. There were many things I wanted to say through it, scattered in my mind at the time. By just sitting down for a while with her and discussing the premise of my idea, Julia’s counsel led me to find the structure of the story and its concrete purpose. I was able to bring to light the core of it through her guidance on original ways to help the audience see exactly what I wanted to tell them. “

Mariana Villegas Flores
Senior Animator

To The Rescue

This is another animation short that was the result of my collaboration with students from the animation department at Vancouver Film School.

We had many meetings during the story development process, and it was exciting to see our ideas come to life.

I was especially glad to be part of a cute little project that made people smile.


During my time at Vancouver Film School, I had the opportunity to collaborate with students from the animation department.

This project went through a lot of development phases before we finally realized the core of the theme. It made it clear again, how important it is to know, what it actually is that one wants to tell. After we had found the core, the story unwrapped itself almost on its own.