Red Bull Edge

Event Teaser Clips

“A special carving event. A course consisting of limbo gates, banked turns and tight carving turns welcomes hard- and softboot riders to put their boards on the edge. Snowboarding world champion and Red Bull Edge mastermind Siegfried “Sigi” Grabner has designed a course which gives you the chance to show off your carving skills.”

I am in charge of conceptualizing and editing the teaser clips for this new, international snowboarding event. You can find more clips on the SG Snowboards’ Youtube- and Vimeo-Channel.


  • Presented by SG SNOWBOARDS
  • Creative Director Julia R. Waldner
  • DOP Attackeytune, Yona Lee, 박상희
  • Video Editor Nina Worisch
  • Year Since 2017 and ongoing

More infos at:
SG Snowboards

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