Papa rockt

A comedy for the whole family

My first feature film script received the script development funding from the Austrian Film Institute in 2019! Together with my producer, Karin C. Berger, I am currently working on the screenplay.

Small time Viennese criminal Georg suddenly finds himself a single-dad of a 6 year-old son. Time to quit his life of petty crime and go into hiding. But his new low-key life in a small Tyrolean village is disrupted when his son suddenly decides to wear girls’ dresses, causing the whole village to bully the little boy. It’s time for a father to protect and support his son – by squeezing himself into a dress, as well. An act of love that ends up drawing way more attention than planned…


  • Idea & written by Julia R. Waldner, Karin C. Berger
  • Producer Karin C. Berger
  • Production Lots Of Stories
  • Status In Development

Developed with the support of the Austrian Film Institute (Ă–sterreichisches Filminstitut)

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