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Climate journalism series format for children

“Climate journalist Clara and flappy-mouthed hero Waldmar run the “Klimakrach” channel. Here they cover topics relating to environmental protection and sustainability. But the two don’t always agree with each other. Who is right and who is totally wrong, or are the causes of scientific phenomena a little more complex at the end of the day? Fortunately, they can also count on the support of the interactive children’s community. In addition, the graphic information, the clever database and the fact-oriented communication with experts help to clear up any misunderstandings and cross-thoughts.”

I was the story consultant for all the episodes of season 1.


  • Directed by Alice Karasek
  • script consultant Julia R. Waldner
  • production soleil film
  • year 2024

Broadcasting of 1st season: ORF-Kids Online, since 01.01.2024

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