(c) DOR Film/Trixter Productions
(c) DOR Film/Trixter Productions
(c) DOR Film/Trixter Productions

Lilly the Witch

The animation series based on the children's book series “Lilly the Witch” by Knister

“Lilly and her best friend, Hector the Dragon, jump through time and space thanks to a magic book and experience all kinds of exciting adventures.”

For the relaunch of the beloved animation series in 2014, I was part of the writing team that wrote the screenplays for season 3.

The episodes “Lilly and the Dragon Island” and “Lilly and the Pharao’s Curse” from season 3 were written by me.

The episodes were also published by Random House Hörverlag as an audio book.


  • Directed by Neuer Österreichischer Trickfilm
  • 2 episodes written by Julia R. Waldner
  • Production Dor Film/Trixter
  • Year 2014

My episodes were broadcasted on TV by WDR, ORF, KIKA, etc.

More infos at Dor Film.

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