Sigi – Pursuit of a Passion

15 years of SG SNOWBOARDS! To celebrate this occasion we brought a piece of SG history to paper. In form of a manga.

Read the story of Sigi Grabner’s first time on the thing called a “snowboard”. A magic moment that produced a passion of a life time. Inspired by true events!

I was responsible for the manga script and Sarah Foller for the illustrations. More episodes will follow.

Magic Animals

“There is a secret sanctuary in the clouds that is the home of the Magic Animals. Their mission is to watch over nature and animals, to help children around the world to protect their environment.”

For this new web series, I wrote all the episodes for season one. This web series was commissioned by Ferrero, and I was excited to be part of a project that dealt with environment issues and asked for solutions.

The release date of the web series is yet to be determined, but I had the chance for a sneak peak preview, and the episodes look great!

Papa rockt

My first feature film script received the script development funding from the Austrian Film Institute in 2019! Together with my producer, Karin C. Berger, I am currently working on the screenplay.

Small time Viennese criminal Georg suddenly finds himself a single-dad of a 6 year-old son. Time to quit his life of petty crime and go into hiding. But his new low-key life in a small Tyrolean village is disrupted when his son suddenly decides to wear girls’ dresses, causing the whole village to bully the little boy. It’s time for a father to protect and support his son – by squeezing himself into a dress, as well. An act of love that ends up drawing way more attention than planned…


“Chris trains with a special police unit, a daily life of action and peer pressure. When he shoots a mentally ill man on duty, allegedly in self-defense, his colleagues celebrate him as a hero, but the outside world reacts with criticism. Soon after, traumatic symptoms begin to surface and Chris does everything to hide it in order to fulfill his dream of becoming an elite cop.”

I was hired by Golden Girls Film as a story consultant for the screenplay of COPS.


Sorry, this entry is only available in German.


Dramaturgie / Story Consultant

COPS (Kino-Spielfilm, Buch&Regie: Stefan Lukasc, 2018)

Die Migrantigen (Kino-Spielfilm, Buch&Regie: Arman T. Riahi, 2017)

Zweisitzrakete (Kino-Spielfilm, Buch&Regie: Hans-Jörg Hofer, 2013)

  • Produktionsleitung / production manager

SG Snowboards (promo-videos, 2008 – 2009)

Dicke Weiber und Roulette (music video, artist: Zweitfrau, 2008)

Intensiv (music video, artist: Zweitfrau, 2007)

No tourists (music video, artist: tunesmith, 2006)

  • Regieassistenz / assistant director

Unser Wissen ist ein Tropfen (TV-Doku, 3sat, 2008)

Notes on Film 02 (Experimenteller Film, 2005)

Jakob Hutter – Märtyrer des Glaubens (Doku-Spielfilm, 2005)

  • Set-Aufnahmeleitung / set manager

Blackstory (short, 2012)
Set-AL, 1. Drehblock

Washing Day (short, 2006)

Karli Sackbauer (Soloprogramm von Klaus Rott, DVD, 2004)

Echos (short, 2004)

  • Script & Continuity

Der letzte Tag (short, 2004)

Scrubbing (short, 2004)

Verfluchte Beute (TV-Film, 2003)

Die Testamentmaschine (TV-Film, 2002)

Die Brücke  (short, 2000)

  • Produktionsassistenz / production assistant

Felix Ende (short, 2004)

Auswege (Kino-Spielfilm, 2003)

Struggle (Kino-Spielfilm, 2003)

Planetengetriebe (short, 2003)

Sterntaler (short, 2003)

Polt muss weinen (TV-Film, 2002)

Harmonielehre (short, 2002)

Düsternis (short, 2002)

Jagdfieber 124 (short, 2002)

Ikarus (Kino-Spielfilm, 2001)

Monsieur Raf

Monsieur Raf, the toy giraffe from the animation short Pepita & Max, is being turned into an app!

The app will allow children to explore the wondrous world of Swiss traditions through animated shorts, documentary clips, games, and stories – all together with Monsieur Raf.

I wrote four new animated stories about the Swiss sport of hornussen, cutout art, wild herbs and chestnuts, which will all be available to be viewed in the app.


The Migrumpies

“For a TV documentary, the two unemployed friends Benny and Marko pretend to be petty criminals with immigrant background until the coin flips and reality turns against them.”

I was part of the story consultant team of this award-winning, summer hit comedy.

Fox in a Hole

“When the ambitious Fuchs starts his new job to take over the place of the old, headstrong and unconventional prison teacher Berger, he discovers not only his own creativity but learns also to build a connection to the close-mouthed inmate Samira.”

I was a script consultant for director and screenwriter Arman T. Riahi’s follow up film “Fox in a Hole”.

Red Bull Edge

“A special carving event. A course consisting of limbo gates, banked turns and tight carving turns welcomes hard- and softboot riders to put their boards on the edge. Snowboarding world champion and Red Bull Edge mastermind Siegfried “Sigi” Grabner has designed a course which gives you the chance to show off your carving skills.”

I am in charge of conceptualizing and editing the teaser clips for this new, international snowboarding event. You can find more clips on the SG Snowboards’ Youtube- and Vimeo-Channel.

SG Snowboard Camps

Each year, snowboarder legend Sigi Grabner gathers together some of the world’s best snowboarding athletes to help coach amateurs on how to make the perfect carving turn. It’s all about having fun, meeting new friends and sharing the passion for snowboarding.

As the editor, I make sure that all these clips deliver SG Snowboards’ spirit and message.