SG Snowboards-Trailers

SG Snowboards-Event Trailers | 2017-2018 | AUT | My Credit: Editor
for all mountain sports Vertriebs-GmbH


Silent Tuning with Sigi Grabner

Snowboard Tutorial Series | 2016-2018 | AUT | My Credit: Concept & Director
for all mountain sports Vertriebs-GmbH



glitch 1
(c) Mathieu Elie

Short | 18 min | 2014 | My Credit: Co-Writer
Director: Joe Berger | International Co-Production: Batesian
CAN, USA, CZ, AUT | Status: Post-Production

“Glitch” is a short film and part of a larger project called BATESIAN, the collaborative international filmmaking experience. In this fictional world of skill transfer and trade, one New York City businesswoman has no skills to offer–and loses herself in a plot to corrupt the skill transfer corporation that simultaneously employs and demeans her.


Mika Vember – We All Agree

music video | 3 min | 2011 | My Credit: Concept & Director
AUT | Production: Red Rabbit Film
(c) 2011 monkey./ Karl Bader Musikverlag

Es hat sehr viel Spass gemacht mit der fabelhaften Mika Vember zu arbeiten.
It was really fun to work with the talented singer-songwriter Mika Vember.


Let’s Play

Short | 3.5 min | CAN | 2010 | My Credit: Writer & Production
Nominated for the VFS Impact Award

Ein Skateboarder verliert nach einer Schlägerattacke seine Lust am Skaten.
Die Lust macht sich eigenständig und versucht ihn wieder dafür zu gewinnen.

After being bullied, a skateboarder loses his joy for skating.
The joy takes on a life of its own and tries everything to win him back.

Working with Julia was like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. She not only helped us consolidate our story  but gathered a whole team for shooting our project. She provided some serious production knowledge  throughout the whole production of our student film! It was an honor working side to side with this woman. Looking forward to working with her again sometime in the near future.

Juan Cisneros
3D Generalist / Lighting Artist


Red Moon

Red moon
(c) Nan Zhang

Short | 19 min | 2010 | CAN | My Credit: Co-Writer & 2nd Assistant Director
Director: Nan Zhang | Independent-Production

Das dunkle Geheimnis eines Mannes droht seine Familie zu zerstören.
The dark secret of a man threatens to devour his family and innocent lives around him.



Short | 4 min | 2010 | CAN | My Credit: Writer
Director: Katrin Bowen | Vancouver Film School

Während sie sich für ein Fotoshooting vorbereitet, ist ein Model plötzlich mit der Sterblichkeit ihres Körpers konfrontiert.
A young model suddenly  is confronted with the mortality of her body when preparing for a photo shoot.



Short | 10 min | 2010 | CAN | My Credit: Story Editor
wirtten and directed by Baurzhan Dosmagambetov
Vancouver Film School



Short | 3 min | 2002 | AUT | My Credit:  Writer & Co-Director
shorts on screen Gewinner Tirol | Diagonale03 Teilnahme

Eine Frau wagt den Schritt ihre Beziehung mit der Einsamkeit zu beenden.
A woman finally dares to break up her relationship with the loneliness.



Short | 5 min | 1999 | AUT | My Credit: Writer & Director

Weil es gerade “in” ist, geht eine heterosexuelle junge Frau eine Beziehung mit einer Lesbe ein, die sie online getroffen hat.
Because it’s hip, a heterosexual young woman decides to start a relationship with a lesbian, whom she met online.