K-Team: Mission Africa

2 Animation shorts | AUT | 2017 | My Credit: Writer
directors: Toni Weiss & Michael Sokolar
Production: Little Lights Studio GmbH


Pepita & Max – ein Alpsegen für Monsieur Raf

(c) 2017 Kultur- und Medienwerkstatt
(c) 2017 Kultur- und Medienwerkstatt

Animation Short | 2017 | CH | My Credit: Writer
a film by Rahel Ilona Eisenring & Stephanie Knöbl
Production: Kultur- und Medienwerkstatt
in Co-Produktion mit S.R.F. Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen SRG SSR

Ein Animationsprojekt über die Schweizer Tradition des Alpsegens humorvoll erzählt.
A wonderful animation project about the Swiss tradition of the alpine blessing.

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Hexe Lilli

TV-Series | Animation | Season 3 | My Credit: Writer
Production: Dor Film | Trixter

Ich hatte das Vergnügen für die Serie „Hexe Lilli“ zu schreiben.
Die neuen Staffeln feierten ihre Premiere im Herbst 2014.

I had the pleasure to write for the “Lilly the Witch” series.
The new seasons went on air fall 2014.


The Locket and the Sea

Animation Short | 2010 | CAN | a film by Mariana Villegas Flores
My Credit: Story Development Advisor
Vancouver Film School

Working with Julia was a great help for me and the development of the story of my film. There were many things I wanted to say through it, scattered in my mind at the time. By just sitting down for a while with her and discussing the premise of my idea, Julia’s counsel led me to find the structure of the story and its concrete purpose. I was able to bring to light the core of it through her guidance on original ways to help the audience see exactly what I wanted to tell them.

Mariana Villegas Flores
Character Animator / Illustrator / Storyboard Artist / Character Designer



Animation Short | 2010 | CAN | a film by Hung Mao Lin
My Credit: Story Consulting
Vancouver Film School


To the Rescue

Animation Short | 2010 | CAN | a film by Juvel Jose
My Credit: Story Consulting
Vancouver Film School



Animation Short | 2010 | CAN | a film by Shivas Thilak
My Credit: Story Development / Script
Vancouver Film School