(c) Do Hoon Kim
(c) Do Hoon Kim
(c) Do Hoon Kim
(c) Do Hoon Kim
(c) Do Hoon Kim

Silent Tuning with Sigi Grabner

A snowboard online tutorial with the Austrian snowboard legend Sigi Grabner

I developed the concept for SG Snowboards and am also in charge for the shooting of each episode.

For this online tutorial series, we emphasized clear images and simple step-by-step text instructions in order to make sure everything was easy for viewers to follow along. I’d like to think that we were successful, but see for yourself!


  • Presented by SG SNOWBOARDS
  • Concept & editor Julia R. Waldner
  • DOP & video editor Stefan Prohinig
  • Post Production Red Rabbit Film
  • Year Since 2016 and ongoing

More Infos:

Read more about the series in my “Making of” blog post.

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