Comic soon

In case you didn’t know, I LOVE comics. They have been part of my life since forever. Currently I’m very much into MANGAS, especially into sport mangas. Yep. Believe it or not, even though I’m a writer and sitting a lot in front of the screen, I’m a sucker for sports :D. And while I … [Read more...]

Storytelling School Podcast

Remember the bedtime stories app? Well, the updated version of the app will now also offer a storytelling school. The courses will be like podcast episodes, which will teach you and your family everything about awesome storytelling. The best thing: it is FREE. You just need the app to listen to it. So if you … [Read more...]

K-Team Animation Shorts

Two animation shorts I have been writing for were recently released online. I almost missed it, since the shorts got released in Russian. Even though I wrote the scripts in English. It’s a pity that they didn’t put any credits at the end of the shorts. But since it was a commissioned work with a … [Read more...]

Bedtime Stories App

Very happy to announce that me and my writing will be a Bedtime Story soon via the new app “Bedtime Stories – read & tell” by Little Lights Studio! It’s a new storyteller app for parents and official launch date is Friday, Oct. 27th 2017. So mark your calendars! I will let you know when … [Read more...]

On Air

It is now official: the new seasons of “Lilly the Witch” will go on air this September! On the 26th, to be more specific. This means the episodes I wrote for season 3 will see the TV-light of day. I am very excited about it and you can be sure, I will sit in front … [Read more...]

The actor changes the tone of story

One thing I do when writing (probably a lot of other writers, too) is to cast my characters in my head. But this is not just for fun. I find it in fact very helpful. Although I don’t deny that I sometimes end up cruising around for hours on the net just to find the … [Read more...]

Official Member

I’m very happy to announce that I’m now an official member of the drehbuchVERBAND Austria!