Storytelling School Podcast

Remember the bedtime stories app? Well, the updated version of the app will now also offer a storytelling school. The courses will be like podcast episodes, which will teach you and your family everything about awesome storytelling. The best thing: it is FREE. You just need the app to listen to it. So if you … [Read more...]

K-Team Animation Shorts

Two animation shorts I have been writing for were recently released online. I almost missed it, since the shorts got released in Russian. Even though I wrote the scripts in English. It’s a pity that they didn’t put any credits at the end of the shorts. But since it was a commissioned work with a … [Read more...]

Bedtime Stories App

Very happy to announce that me and my writing will be a Bedtime Story soon via the new app “Bedtime Stories – read & tell” by Little Lights Studio! It’s a new storyteller app for parents and official launch date is Friday, Oct. 27th 2017. So mark your calendars! I will let you know when … [Read more...]

On Air

It is now official: the new seasons of “Lilly the Witch” will go on air this September! On the 26th, to be more specific. This means the episodes I wrote for season 3 will see the TV-light of day. I am very excited about it and you can be sure, I will sit in front … [Read more...]

The actor changes the tone of story

One thing I do when writing (probably a lot of other writers, too) is to cast my characters in my head. But this is not just for fun. I find it in fact very helpful. Although I don’t deny that I sometimes end up cruising around for hours on the net just to find the … [Read more...]

Official Member

I’m very happy to announce that I’m now an official member of the drehbuchVERBAND Austria!

Scripts online…

one of the things they teach you at writing school is to read lots of other scripts to become a better writer. so whenever there is a link to free downloads for screenplays, I’m in! and in case you want to take a read too, here you go: have fun! and no worries, it’s … [Read more...]